Residential home and workshop for people with disabilities

Light is essential for the perception of our surroundings. It influences our everyday life and our well-being. Needs-oriented and biologically effective lighting is especially important for people with disabilities. The Borna residential and work community is committed to the integration and care of people with disabilities. The new replacement building for the workshops and the residential complex was designed by Malte Kloes Architekten to be user-oriented and sustainable. The building structure and materials used are adapted to the location. Thanks to the intensive exchange with the client and the user representatives, the lighting concept can be integrated into the project planning not only functionally and design oriented, but also biologically effectively for optimal user comfort.


client: Genossenschaft Borna, Arbeits- und Wohngemeinschaft Rothrist
location: Rothrist 
completion: approx. 2025
scope of service: artificial lighting design and consulting, biologically effective lighting according to SIA 500

rendering: beta architecture