As an entrance to Kirchenfeldquartier, Helvetiaplatz will form the prestigious foyer, which bundles and redistributes all paths, where people meet and social relationships emerge and cultural actions manifest themselves.
In the center of the square, the covering intharsia stretches like a carpet, which ensures the recognizability of the Helvetiaplatzes in the city structure. It is captured by a wide concrete band in white optics. This space is freed of permanent use and is - in addition to the use as a traffic area - as a multi-functional space available to all.
As a counterbalance to the central square, a sequence of differently programmed, small-scale legible pieces of space is created in its peripheral area. The radially arranged Krimlinden define the spatial space situation and create a free space area, which invites you to sit, relax and watch the open space.
The axes originating from the place are kept. The design is based on the design language of the carpet-like flooring, the placement of the radially arranged lighting candelabra and the precise completion of the double tree row from Krimlinden


competition: concept competition Helvetiaplatz Bern, 2nd rank
Skala Landschaft Stadt Raum
rendering: maaars Architektur Visualisierungen GmbH