private residence in Uitikon

"boulder & spa"
Creating an indoor training area for climbing practice with an additional space for recreation and spa, was a request of a private client, that names himself an enthusiastic climber and sports person. This makeover of a garage and basement space in a family house, located close to Zurich and the swiss alpine mountain area has been carefully designed by LIIS Architects in coorperation with lightsphere. With the lighting design concept the design team wanted to provide an almost realistic and equal training condition compared to the outdoor experience. Only diffuse light that is generated into the room and reflected by the white painted concrete ceiling creates a soft light compareable to the overcast-sky-conditions outdoors. Due to an intense collaboration with the architects it was possible to integrate all light fixtures into the furniture and architectural structure. In the rear of the basement a former technical room was converted into a spa. Dimmable, warm white LED fixtures create a cosy soft illumination soothing the undressed body.

location: Uitikon, Z├╝rich
completion: 2016