l‘Oro di Napoli, Zurich

cozy ambience in the Circle — tradition meets jet set

The L'Oro di Napoli is located in the middle of the Circle at Zurich Airport. Its modern, urban design paired with traditional Italian elements gives the restaurant its unique charm. The lighting design focused on showcasing the carefully selected materials, artworks and the centerpiece, the traditional wood-burning stove. A rail system integrated into the open ceiling structure enables the architectural elements to be accentuated flexibly.

In addition, surface-mounted cylinders were installed in the areas with low concrete ceilings, which match the style of the furnishings and accentuate the surfaces of the tables. The frames of the large window fronts are subtly illuminated in the evening by grazing light in order to emphasize the elevated space. The lighting concept was rounded off with decorative industrial pendant lights as part of the interior design.

The entire circle was implemented according to LEED Platinum and the tenant fit-out of the restaurant also had to comply with specified basic values ​​during planning and implementation.

client: Flughafen Zürich, promafox
operator: l‘Oro di Napoli, Autogrill Schweiz AG
planning team: Schmidiger Rosasco AG, Carbone Interior Design AG
location: Flughafen Zürich
completion: 2019
scope of service: lighting design for tenant fitout, LEED Platinum

photos: Fritz Tschümperlin