Restoration Lorzensaal

"Multifunctionality at its best"

The Lorenzensaal has always stood out for its flexible and innovative space concepts as well as multifunctional uses. With the refurbishment of the lighting and control system, the light scenes can now be adapted to the respective events by the push of a button. Whether daylight reproduction or festive ambience, the built-in lights with dynamic white light control enable users and organizers a new flexibility with energy-efficient LED technology. For the seminar rooms a dynamic lighting was programmed with the color temperature and illuminance according to the daylight. This can support the circadian rhythms and contribute to the enhancement of wellbeing and concentration, especially for whole-day seminars.

client: Municipality Cham
location: Cham
design services: concept phase until implementation
completion: 1st phase 2015, 2nd phase 2016