The encounter site "Room of Silence" in Diepoldsau was completed in the summer of 2022 by the sculptor Markus Buschor. Buschor worked on his piece for seven years. Preserving the natural shape of the trunk wood Buschor cut up all the components himself with a chainsaw.

The power place, which is open to the public, offers the population space for meditation and, with its three wooden cubes, also room to sit. The processed floor is framed figuratively by end-grain ashlars. The discrete and well directed lighting creates a soft and gentle illumination of the room, which nevertheless allows enough contrast shadows for a precise contour sharpness of the fine surface details. The special room aesthetic is also created because the nuances of the light spectrum are precisely matched to the subtleties of the material surfaces, natural wood and glazed text passages. This creates a clarity with depth effect. Or as the sculptor himself expresses it:

"I want to make the hustle and bustle and superficiality oblivious by creating the possibility to reflect on the essentials."


sculptor: Markus Buschor
location: Diepoldsau, SG
completion: 2022
scope of service: lighting design and consultation

photos: Julian Konrad