Shopping Arena St. Gallen, parking garage

«light as orientation guide»
The project comprised renovating the lighting of the parking hall at the Shopping Arena St. Gallen, as well as the access areas of the shopping center and the VIP entrance of FC St. Gallen. The aim was to create a safe and visually appealing lighting design that met high standards and improved the visitor experience and traffic safety. In addition to meeting standards and guidelines, the project incorporated innovative solutions to enhance spatial perception and orientation. Notably, vertical lighting along the perimeter walls was integrated to create a modern and attractive ambiance and improve spatial orientation. Pedestrian walkways were emphasized with a slatted ceiling and linear luminaires to provide a safe and pleasant path for visitors, contrasting with the parking lots. Sustainability was a key consideration, as the entire parking garage was designed according to the Minergie standard and equipped with intelligent sensor technology to optimize energy consumption during opening hours. The project demonstrated the value of a tailored lighting system for its intended use through a before-and-after comparison.

client: Wincasa AG
planning team: Schmidiger Rosasco
lighting design: lightsphere
service phases: from concept to and including commissioning
location: St. Gallen
completion: 2022
scope of service: highlighting traffic areas for cars and pedestrians, improving visibility of signage and optimizing energy consumption, Minergie

photos: Obiettivo Luce