Restoration Vaduzersaal

Located right in the centre of Vaduz the Vaduzersaal is ideal for large events, seminars, exhibitions and conferences. Since the original lighting system could no longer meet the growing requirements and in particular the energy efficiency standard of the municipality, the entire lighting within the public areas was restored. Highly shielded LED downlights combined with the custom made light panels and an intelligent control system create a new kind of flexibility. Parts of the acoustic-cooling ceiling were replaced with light fields. The fitting principle of the ceiling panels was reverse engineered for a smoothly integration of the light panels within the ceiling. Predefined light scenes and simple color selection buttons on the control panels centralized in the building provide the right ambience for any occasion. The existing chandelier in the main hall are the heart of the Vaduzersaal. The replacement of diffuse light bulbs with LED-filament lamps could enhance the quality of the cast glass structure by safing over 80% of the previous energy consumption. Additionally installed light lifts now allow to lower the chandelier on a human scale, which is appreciated especially for festive occasions.

client: Municipality Vaduz
location: Vaduz, FL
design services: concept phase until implementation
completion: 1st phase 2015, 2nd phase 2016
award: 1st prize concept competition of the Municipalty Vaduz,
IES Award of Merit 2017 for Energy and Environmental Lighting Design


project video