Francesca Feltrin

Lighting Designer
MEng in Architectural Engineering
MSc in Lighting Design

What was your «game changer», that linked you into the world of lighting design?

I attended a seminar in illuminating engineering during my Master Degree in Italy and I realized the huge impact of lighting on our experience of space and architecture. It was love at first sight, I never thought of doing anything else since then!

What is your brain food?

I will quote one of Snoopy“s famous comics: «You will never convince me that there is more to life than chocolate chips cookies».

How do you experience lightsphere?

It is the perfect mix of challenge and fun, technique and creativity. 

What is the most beautiful thing your eyes have seen so far related to light?

The Saint Chapelle in Paris — the light filtering through the colored glass windows creates a unique and magical atmosphere inside the space. Looking forward to visit it again!